Our Mission, Vision & Values

ELN is a network that enables member firms to provide clients with value-added advice in complex international transactions while addressing fundamental client demands for efficiency, value and knowledge of local law in foreign jurisdictions.


The close, personal connections among the lawyers within ELN enable a fully integrated team approach to corporate and commercial transactions with clear reporting lines that avoids duplication of efforts while ensuring that the client feels at the centre of their transaction regardless of where it is taking place.


Clients are able to reap the rewards of developing their businesses internationally while working with local law firms in foreign jurisdictions that they can trust.  There are no fee sharing or commission arrangements between the ELN members. Clients are therefore assured that they are not paying enhanced rates while they are being looked after by a member in another country.


The ELN members firms are each well-established law firms in their respective countries. Each member firm benefits from local knowledge and experience within their jurisdiction and the lawyers within ELN are experienced in dealing with a wide range of issues. When working across jurisdictions, it is vital to have support in each of the countries, which is the key to the ELN network.