About ELN


ELN (the “European Lawyers Network”) was formed in 1990 and is thriving today as a close association of like-minded, but independent, firms of lawyers throughout Europe and North America. ELN is incorporated as an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), but ELN is not a franchise nor is it just a tag at the bottom line of a paper-head.

Through the decades, ELN has always fostered and maintains a philosphy that values real, personal contacts among the lawyers of the member firms. To foster the common vision of ELN and to improve its co-operation, ELN members trade weekly update telephone calls, regular monthly telecom meetings and biannual face to face meetings. Additionally, aspiring lawyers and associates of ELN members regularly visit and work at other ELN members, all of which improves the understanding of the other firms and their business methods. This personal contact between the ELN members ensures that the full potential of the ELN framework is realized, enabling the lawyers in ELN member firms to provide a truly international reach to service their clients.

Each member of ELN is willing and delighted to recommend any of the other ELN members to its clients, in order to provide its clients with the best possible and most practical advice in another country and jurisdiction. As a result of close and personal contacts amongst the lawyers of the ELN member firms, each ELN member is able to ensure that the most appropriate partner or team within the other ELN-member firms leads and deals with the matters of the client.


ELN is a platform that enables member firms to provide clients with value-added advice in complex international transactions while addressing fundamental client demands for efficiency, value and knowledge of local law in foreign jurisdictions.

EFFICIENCY  The close, personal connections among the lawyers within ELN enable a fully integrated team approach to corporate and commercial transactions with clear reporting lines that avoids duplication of efforts while ensuring that the client feels at the centre of their transaction regardless of where it is taking place.

VALUE  Clients are able to reap the rewards of developing their businesses internationally while working with local law firms in foreign jurisdictions that the clients can trust, at a cost that never leads to unpleasant surprises because there are no fee sharing or commission arrangements between the ELN members. Clients are therefore assured that they are not paying enhanced rates while they are being looked after by a member law firm in another country.  This ensures that the clients of ELN member firms have the best experience and obtain the best value for legal advice in any particular jurisdiction.

KNOWLEDGE  The ELN members firms are each well-established law firms in their respective countries and the attorneys within ELN are experienced in dealing with the range of issues that arise in the course of transactions and projects in their respective locales in a sophisticated and creative manner.  Through ELN, each of of the ELN member firms is able to bring to bear such local experience for the benefit of their clients and their international projects.