ELN was formed in 1990 as the “European Lawyers Network” and has since evolved globally. ELN is a association network of independent law firms throughout Europe and North America.

Through the decades, ELN has always fostered, and maintains, a philosophy that values real, personal contacts among the lawyers of the member firms. This means, that clients benefit from truly close relationships across jurisdictions, rather than a simple referral network.

To foster the common vision of ELN and to improve its co-operation, ELN members trade weekly update telephone calls, regular monthly telecom meetings and biannual face to face meetings.

Additionally, aspiring lawyers and associates of ELN members regularly visit and work at other ELN members, all of which improves the understanding of the other firms and their business methods.

ELN allows its members to ensure their clients will be looked after and serviced carefully as they enter new markets.

Clients know they are benefiting from the best possible, and most practical, local advice as they expand across different countries and jurisdictions.