November 2016 ELN meeting in Paris

Were delighted to host the members of ELN on November 17th and 18th.

With the exception of Scott BARTEL and Gregorio CANALES, all the firms belonging to ELN were represented.

However, Scott and Gregorio have been able to participate to the Friday afternoon meeting trough audio conference.

As always, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, the representatives of each firm made a short review of the main events which took place since the last gathering.

Raquel GARCÍA-ARGUDO MENDES (COLÓN de CARVAJAL / Madrid) made a detailed presentation on the brand new partnership establish between her firm and the Chinese law firm GRANDALL (国浩律师事务所).

Sheldon CORDELL narrated his trip to China and gave an account on the various contacts made in order to arrange exchanges with Chinese law firms.

Raquel also presented the journey in China she was undertaking with Alfredo SOLANA at the beginning of December in order to meet the representatives of various firms belonging to the GRANDALL network.

Finally, the representatives of JOELSON (Sheldon CORDELL, Philippa STURT and David MERSON) set forth the possible consequences of the “BREXIT” on legal activities in Great Britain.

DMMS thanks all participants for their presence and participation to the exchanges.

The next meeting which shall take place in spring 2017 will be hosted by COHEN GRIGSBY either in Pittsburg or in Naples.


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