New Markets

CHINA Introduction

Just as international business in general continues to grow, the trade relationships among China, the European Union, and the United States continues to expand with governments on all sides taking action to encourage and promote investment and trade between China and the EU and China and the US. Recent bilateral agreements as well as unilateral governmental trade promotion initiatives serve as evidence of the private and public sector are committed to growing trade and investment with China.

The ELN has listened carefully to our clients as they have voiced their need for China-related advice and assistance. Accordingly we have focused and streamlined our existing capabilities to provide a China Desk that serves as a “one stop shop” to assist clients seeking opportunities that come with conducting business between ELN member countries and China. We work closely together in order to fulfill our clients’ needs in each jurisdiction. The China Desk is designed to address business demand for assistance and advice wherever such demand may arise among China, the EU and the US.


CHINA Through the ELN

The ELN China Desk is meant for small to medium size enterprises (“SMEs”). The ELN China Desk provides specific legal services and guidance to assist EU and US clients seeking to enter the complex Chinese market as well as Chinese clients seeking to enter unfamiliar markets in the EU and the US. The China Desk provides flexible, dynamic services and gives ongoing support, including drafting contracts, enforcing legal rights and resolving disputes, always with the perspective and experience of a legal team that understands the business of its clients as well as the local culture and environment, in order to bring the international project to a successful conclusion.

Our ELN China Desk holds:
  • High quality law firms in each country
  • We deliver services in: English, Chinese, French, Italian , German and Spanish
  • We hold MoU agreements with Chinese law firms
  • Our professionals hold a deep knowledge of China
Our ELN China Desk services are:
  • Inbound & Outbound Investment
  • International trade
  • M&A
  • Sports and leisure