TETRA LAW is a Belgian firm of five independent attorneys-at-law founded in 2012 by Baudouin Paquot, Sylvie Lacombe, Jean-Philippe Smeets and Sabrina Scarnà who practice corporate law, labour law, tax law and white-collar criminal law. Tetra Law was joined early 2015 by Me Eric Carlier, an eminent and renowned lawyer in labour law. These attorneys-at-law have the ambition of offering quality services to their clients based on the synergies of their respective skills. Through our past involvement in major Belgian and foreign law firms, Tetra Law aims at assisting businesses, their shareholders as well as their managers. The complementary nature of the fields in which Tetra Law specializes, as well as the enthusiasm and cohesion of its partners, are the many assets that our firm intends to provide its clients with. Tetra Law brings together dynamic attorneys-at-law who intend to favor personalized relations with their clients, and offer them quality services. Tetra Law approaches issues in a precise and pragmatic manner and seeks practical answers to them.